Thursday, 15 November 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Etsy

   I hope everyone is ready! Black Friday (November 23rd) is traditionally a pretty big shopping day in the States, but since joining Etsy, even we in the UK and Europe know about it, and are attempting to reap the benefits. Cyber Monday (November 26th) is also supposedly a pretty big online shopping day, since it is the beginning of the first week after Thanksgiving.

   Etsy will surely release a specific tag that sellers can use on their product listings to help people find them over the course of the weekend, and I strongly advise everyone to use it. Sign up to the Etsy Success newsletter to hear about it, or keep your eyes on Etsy Teams and the Etsy blog to see if any admins announce it there instead. I will surely share the tag with you all in the Etsian Ballyhoo team.

   But in the mean time, I urge you all to prepare. Be sure to include your coupon code in your shop banner, and also be sure to include your order deadline dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery at the very top of your Shop Info (this shouldn't affect your Google ratings). What may also help is to follow my lead, and state in your banner in the run up to the weekend that a sale is beginning on a certain date:

   It may mean that a few people choose not to buy from you until the date you've stated, but it will help to spread the word. Try to also approach blogs appropriate to your products and ask them to interview or feature you. It may seem bold, but as my dad has always said: if you don't ask, you don't get. And you never know, the blogger you approach may love you and place an order themselves!

   Be sure to adjust your tags, titles and descriptions. Longer, slightly more descriptive titles will help searches pick you out, but try to summarise the product itself in the first four words. Repeating the description in the product description box will also help. Be sure you give measurements of garments in different ways - centimetres, inches, US, UK, EU dress sizes and so on. Not everything is the same. I happen to know that a US 10 is a UK 12.
   If you're selling food products, be sure to state if the product contains gluten, gelatin, peanuts, artificial colours and so on, state the weight of the product, and the quantity included. Obviously 100g of chocolate dinosaurs may sometimes be 12 dinosaurs, or maybe 11, but be sure to give a safe guess. In this case, it would be 11, and be sure to state the size of the pieces. If you're not selling foods by weight but by number instead, also be sure to include the number, but the weight if you can.
   Having several pictures of the same product can also help buyers get a better idea of the product.

   Consider having a gift wrapping option for an extra few dollars, or gift wrap everything for free. I always wrap things in a pillow box with coloured tissue paper and washi tape, but around this time of year, baker's twine replaces the tape, and a suitable diecut for the holidays may join it, such as a Martha Stewart latticed heart punch out in February. is having a special shop hop for Black Friday. For $15 you can purchase a slot where she will advertise your shop and your discount along with other people. Spots are limited, however, so get in quick!

   If any of you have any suggestions to add, please do! Good Luck everyone!

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  1. Thanks, so helpful! I edited my banner!